30′ x 50′ x 12′ Building in Lone Jack MO

Just finished up this 30′ x 50′ x 12′ Building in Lone Jack MO. Mahogany Overhead Doors to be hung on Wednesday. Very nice looking building! Car guy will include a lift.

  • Burnish slate wainscot, roof & soffits. 10 x 20 open porch.
  • 3′ x 4′ Anderson Windows with 6″ x 6″ grids.
  • Tan sides. This photo shows openings for 10’x 10′ and 18′ x 10″ Overhead Door Openings. All Insulated Building. Tan with Burnish Slate colors make for a really nice looking building.
  • Two 10’x 10′ and One 18′ x 10″ Mahogany Overhead Doors to be hung Wednesday.

Tornado damaged building in Oak Grove, MO

Tornado damaged building in Oak Grove, MO. Structure is repaired. Waiting on Overhead Doors & Electrical. Metal Ceilings will then be hung.

The tornado damaged the building: Broke the trusses, lifted most metal off the roof, and wracked the building. After removing the metal ceiling underneath, the trusses, all sidewall metal, we proceeded to straighten the building up, check for any other damages and begin the rebuilding process.

Cupola in Kansas City

Cupola installed with weather vane, insulated wind loaded metal garage doors hung. Gutters and downspouts to be installed. Close to being finished.

  • Overhead Door is actually same color as Dutch Doors. Poor picture as the sun is shining directly on door.
  • Wind Load Steel Overhead Doors
  • Mahogany door looks really nice on this building. Truly sets it off.


Lone Jack Steel Building

Current building in progress in Lone Jack, MO. Framing stages. 30′ x 50′ with 10′ x 20′ Porch. Will include 2 Overhead Doors, 5 Windows and Walk Door.

Trusses are set. Getting ready to spread rock for concrete floor.


Rock and Re-bar in Place.

Steel building in Lone Jack, MO. Oldham Building Systems Is Proud to Offer the Following Building Services:

  • Design Build
  • Post Frame Buildings
  • Barn Remodeling
  • Stall Construction
  • Conventional Stud Wall Buildings
  • Pre-Engineered Design
  • Metal & Composition Roofing
  • Excavating
  • Concrete Floors – 4” or 6”
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Concrete Sidewalks, Etc.
  • 4’ Concrete Walls

30′ x 60′ x12′ Post Frame Building in KC

9′ x 20′ Porch. 3′ Wainscot. Soffits on Gable & Sidewalls. A 30′ x 60′ x12′ Post Frame Building with 9′ x 20′ Porch. 4″ Concrete Floor as well as Drive.

4″ Concrete Floor and Drive, 4,000 lb. mix, re-bar reinforcement with Machine Finish Interior and Drive and Porch with Broom Finish. — in Sibley, Missouri.

This building included 3 Insulated Overhead Doors. Two 10 x 10 and one 10 x 8.

Insulated Roof and Sidewalls. White Metal Ceiling.

Dark Red Roof, Soffits & Wainscot with Light Stone Wall Panels.





Nice 2,400 square foot Shop in Grain Valley, Missouri

Nice 2,400 square foot Shop in Grain Valley, Missouri.

Just poured 4′ walls to set the building on.

Walls look real nice.

6″ Concrete Floor, Rock base, re-bar pegged every foot into the concrete walls with a machine finish.

2 x 6 Stud Walls, that will include r-19 insulation. Installed Metal Ceiling and blew an R 38 into the ceiling.

Two 10′ x 10′ and one 12′ x 12′ Insulated Overhead Doors.

Taupe Roof and Soffits, Light Stone Walls Panels, Wainscot on the Front Only.10′ x 8′ Insulated Overhead Door on the Back Corner.

Attached new drive to existing drive.